What is Laboratoria?

Laboratoria Staff
Posted by Laboratoria Staff on Sep 19, 2022 2:56:55 PM

At Laboratoria we are working to shape a more diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy in Latin America that can create opportunities for every woman to develop her potential. We do this by providing an immersive six-month bootcamp in technical and life skills for women from underserved backgrounds who have not been able to start a professional career yet. After the program we connect our students with quality software developer and UX designer jobs where they can kick-start their careers, and foster a strong community of alumnae who support each other’s growth as future leaders of the tech sector. Our graduates are building transformational careers for themselves in tech, while filling in the enormous talent and gender gap in the sector and contributing to its inclusive growth.

Since our launch in Lima, Peru in 2014, Laboratoria has scaled to open training centers in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. We have trained over 2,800 women, placing 85% (2020 and 2021) of them in tech jobs in Latin America and abroad. We are now a source of talent for over 1.000 leading companies across sectors and industries, from retail and banking to logistics and fintech. Through our work we are helping all sorts of organizations - from large corporations to tech startups and software factories - find the technical talent they need to grow their teams while bringing the diversity that helps build better work cultures and products.

Over the next three years, Laboratoria will continue to expand throughout Latin America, training thousands of women across the region through a now fully remote program to work and grow in tech. Through our work we want to revert the disadvantages women from underserved backgrounds have faced to access quality jobs in the growing digital economy, and contribute to build a more equitable future in the region.

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