From Latin America to Silicon Valley

Mariana Costa
Posted by Mariana Costa on Apr 11, 2018 1:24:00 PM

Based in Latam, but close to Silicon Valley

Every time I come back from a trip to the Bay Area, I’m amazed after visiting other players in our space and learning from their approach to education, shocked by the enormous amounts of money startups∙ can raise, and challenged to dream of a bigger reach and impact.

Sharing our story at Google

To continue exploring the precious balance of being based in Latam, while learning from the U.S., this year we decided to do more than a regular visit and take advantage of our current partners there to host an event and present our work.

What comes next?

The Bay Areas has some amazing things that can be game-changers for entrepreneurs worldwide: incredible tech talent often wanting to give back in some way, great founders willing to make bets on great entrepreneurs no matter where on the world they are, and companies doing groundbreaking work across all sectors. We want to leverage from these amazing resources to build a tech sector in Latin America that can become an example for all.

So, how can you join this movement?

If you are a company hiring Junior Developers or UX Designers remotely, let us know! You can reach out to Herman Marin, co-founder and CDO, to learn more about our graduates and recruitment process. We have over 800 graduates across the region that constitute an amazing pool of talent.

If you are an experienced JavaScript developer or UX Designer and feel like spending some time in Latin America contributing to an awesome cause, we are launching an amazing fellowship program soon. We want to bring two fellows to work with us in our own software development and in building the best education experience out there. You can shoot my co-founder Rodulfo J. Prieto, who leads our education team an email.

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