Analyzing the Social and Economic Returns of Laboratoria’s Bootcamp

Equipo Laboratoria
Posted by Equipo Laboratoria on Apr 21, 2021 3:22:37 PM

For every dollar invested in the bootcamp, a social return of  $4.57 is created in a 5 year time frame.

In an effort to better understand Laboratoria’s impact, we present an analysis that describes the multidimensional nature of the bootcamp's impact and quantifies the economic benefits received by our graduates. This study is an effort to describe and measure the transformation our students experience after participating in a program that prepares them to access high quality, well-paid jobs and strong career prospects in the technology industry.

In addition to describing the different mechanisms through which Laboratoria ignites change, this paper presents the results of a cost-benefit analysis, following the Robin Hood Foundation approach, whose objective is to quantify Laboratoria’s bootcamp economic return. We found that in just over a year, through their salaries, working graduates receive the total amount of the investment that Laboratoria has made on their behalf. For every dollar invested in the bootcamp, a social return of  $4.57 is created in a 5 year time frame. The financial impact these women experience is the result of a combination of factors: they develop the skills necessary to succeed in a high-paying industry, they only pay for the education received if the ultimate job placement goal is achieved, and thanks to the support of our donors, they do not pay for the total investment cost needed for the program to operate.

The analysis shows how Laboratoria’s investment in women who have not been able to start a professional career translates into significant financial benefits for themselves, as well as social and economic benefits for society as a whole.

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Topics: Social Impact, Cost-benefit Analysis, Economic Return