5 benefits of a hackathon to transform your company's talent

Vanessa Aranibar
Posted by Vanessa Aranibar on Sep 23, 2020 1:14:12 PM

For some time now, you have likely witnessed the rise of “hackathons”, virtual or face-to-face events where people come together to collaboratively solve a problem.

In the strictest sense, hackathons are coding marathons where the solutions are based on digital products, meaning technology teams are needed to create them. However, these are not only created by technology companies. Given that they are events where the people come together to collaboratively solve a problem in a short period of time, they can be applied to various sectors.

Under this format, multiple, fast, and effective solutions can be developed to solve a problem and they can serve as catalysts for idea-generation in general.

If your company has not yet participated (or organized) a hackathon, here are 5 benefits to convince you to bet on this incredible experience and enhance the talent of your company:

  • Find different solutions for a problem:  Sometimes the day-to-day consumes us. However, the resources you invest in solving small problems and putting out fires is completely different. A hackathon allows you to focus on a problem, identifying the true need and develop multiple solutions that can be implemented in a short time. Furthermore, the diversity of the teams allows you to approach the problem from a different angle and perspective. Imagine the budget you will save on consulting!
  • Inspire and motivate your team: Employees tend to do the same tasks every day and it’s easy for them to become unmotivated. Use a hackathon to break the routine and get them out of their comfort zone. You can challenge them to solve problems in other areas or ones more specialized in theirs. This will generate empathy, commitment, and pride for the organization. In addition, your team will be able to strengthen their network of contacts (internal and/ or external networking), add new achievements to their CV, take part in a new innovative experience and experience a shift in mindset. 
  • Test your skills: Hackathons allow your team members to strengthen their soft skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork, among others. Depending on the problem being solved, it also offers an opportunity to sharpen technical skills such as new work methodologies, project management, and courses. Hackathons create enriching experiences where learning is the key factor. 
  • Find the talent your company needs: A hackathon is a goldmine of talent! Thanks to this event, you can see the potential people have, identify their strengths, and evaluate their areas of opportunity. Many companies use hackathons as a tool for recruitment and promotion, which allows companies to identify new professions and positions to increase company productivity.
  • Manage your image and brand: Hackathons are a great marketing opportunity for your employer brand, positioning your company as innovative and disruptive. These events tend to have significant media coverage, even more so if it is the first to be held in a certain area. Finally, through the event, the community can learn about your company’s technology, leading to new business opportunities and new applicants seeking job opportunities.

At Laboratoria we are committed to accompanying you to transform your organization in the digital age. That is why we invite you to develop a hackathon with us or to participate in our star hackathon Talent Fest.

There are more than 50 companies that have already begun their transformation process with Laboratoria taking advantage of the opportunity to generate innovative solutions with our diverse pool of talent.

Join us! 

*Translated by: RunaHR Team - Service Day 2020

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