10 things you should know about Laboratoria’s bootcamp

Posted by Andrea Rivera on Sep 23, 2020 2:54:47 PM

Have you ever wondered what a bootcamp is? And how it is that, after 6 months, bootcamp graduates can start working as programmers or web designers? Here we’ll tell you all about it.

Let's start by explaining what a bootcamp is and why we call it that. The terms is generally used to refer to an intensive training camp. In other words, a bootcamp is an intensive program where learning happens in a short time period and where the learning experience is of high impact. So what do we mean by "high impact"? We mean that the material learned in our programs is based on today's labor market demands.

At Laboratoria, we offer an intensive learning program which requires a lot of time and effort.

Here, we focus on ensuring that students, in addition to learning to program and/or design, can also acquire the so-called soft skills that are crucial to develop digital products that provide innovative solutions for our day-to-day lives. By soft skills we mean problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, etc. In addition, these soft-skills are highly requested by companies that hire our bootcamp graduates!

Now, these are 10 things you should know about the Laboratoria bootcamp. As of now, I can tell you that at Laboratoria you learn in a different way...

1. You don't have previous knowledge? You are welcome here!

At Laboratoria, we help students learn something new and, with practice, they become web developers or UX designers. Not knowing how to program is precisely what motivates hundreds of women to apply.

Laboratoria’s bootcamp exists for women seeking a new opportunity to pursue a career in the technology sector. We look for diverse backgrounds because that makes the student’s bootcamp experience, and the experience for future employer companies, even more enriching.

2. Learn to learn

In the Bootcamp, we offer a different methodology, where each of our students takes ownership of their learning. Many of our graduates admit that they feel like lifelong learners. If you are thinking about being part of the bootcamp, we can tell you that during the program you will have space for self-knowledge and reflection, which will make you discover how you can learn in the way that works best for you.

3. Work on projects and say goodbye to exams

Yes, in the program we facilitate project-based learning, as it is carried out in a real work environment. Although we offer some workshops to share knowledge that may be useful in the development of each project, the main objective is that each student can learn by doing. We believe in peer feedback and self-assessments. The best thing is not having to memorize and being able to put into practice what each one is discovering in the wonderful world of software.

4. We don't have teachers or professors

As you already know, the bootcamp students are owners of their learning. Although we have an extraordinary team of programmers and UX designers, their role is one of accompaniment and facilitation. At Laboratoria, we call these people "coaches."

5. You will meet amazing women, just like YOU!

Year after year, hundreds of women become lifelong learners through the bootcamp. The projects that are developed during the program are done in teams, generating bonds of companionship and even friendship! Have you heard of a sorority? The Royal Spanish Academy defines it as “the relationship of solidarity between women, especially in the fight for their empowerment." Here at Laboratoria, we very much believe in this and we are witnesses of the sisterhood among the students and graduates of the bootcamp.

6. We simulate a work environment from day 1.

The bootcamp workspace is intended to mimic the real-world work environment of the technology sector. From the first week, students carry out projects with changing requirements, which also requires professional skills such as negotiation, teamwork, etc. All this is part of the learning process and allows for graduates to start jobs in tech in a short period of just 6 months.

7. Developing real challenges

In both the Front-End and UX tracks, students interact with local and international companies to solve projects using programming and web design. We organize marathons that last a few days, also called hackathons, to solve real challenges that participating companies are facing. At Laboratoria we believe that the best way to learn is by daring to do it and there’s no better way of doing so than with real-life challenges. In fact, we often use this phrase: Do it, and if you are afraid, do it with fear.

8. Focus on employability

The Bootcamp prepares students to find a job in the technology field. While students will learn a lot through the bootcamp, our team’s main objective for our graduates is to get a job so that they can have a better projection in the careers that await them. Besides, we work so that companies that are looking for talent see the value that our graduates bring to their work teams.

9. Accompaniment in the job search

At Laboratoria we have an area dedicated exclusively to the employability of graduates. During the bootcamp, our team of psychologists accompanies our students in order to prepare them to face job recruitment and hiring processes.

10. You will pay only if you get a job

The bootcamp is a program with a focus on employability. Because of this, our graduates only pay for the program if they have obtained a job in which they can put into practice what they learned at Laboratoria.

*Translated by: RunaHR Team - Service Day 2020

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