10 reasons to hire Laboratorian talent

Andrea Vasquez Herrera
Posted by Andrea Vasquez Herrera on Sep 23, 2020 2:56:03 PM

Based on the experience of Andrea Vasquez, one of our graduates, these are the 10 reasons why you should hire Laboratorian talent.

Introduction by Anabell Mora:

In recent years, words such as "reinvention", "self-learning", or "potential" are increasingly heard in conversations within Human Resources teams of organizations and companies, in some cases with doubt, and in others, with great conviction. Today, we also see how the world and the context in which we live pushes us not only to take new paths, but to embrace experimentation, uncertainty, and to understand that our learning process is something that never ends. The status quo is not necessarily the best, nor does it give you the best results.

This applies directly to the field of education and training, and if we zoom in on the world of technology, we see that women in the industry are breaking not one, but several barriers: being a woman in a context that is mostly male, coming from a background without traditional training in technology or scientific professions, and demonstrating that diversity is an ingredient that adds a lot of value in the development of new products and services that are shaping our current society.

Today, we want to share with you some content created by Andrea Vásquez, a user experience designer and a graduate of our 12th cohort of our site in Santiago. Andrea comments on some of the characteristics that Laboratoria graduates develop as women who break down barriers. You will realize why hiring a Laboratoria graduate to join your team will be a great move since these are women with deep and relevant characteristics that are undoubtedly changing the face of the technology industry. 

Here are, in Andrea´s words, the benefits of hiring Laboratorian talent:

1. We are bright

Selected from many applicants to participate in an intensive program to show our talent and discipline.

2. We are perseverant

Every time we face an obstacle, we work even harder than before because we know that with perseverance our goals will be fulfilled.

3. We add value

Women are contributing to the innovation and development of technology, making headway for the next generations to make the tech sector more inclusive and diverse. 

4. We adapt easily

Just like in life, no matter what the scenario is, we have developed the ability to adapt to whatever changes occur.

5. We love to work as a team

We know that when our talent comes together and we share different points of view and knowledge, that is when great solutions are achieved.

6. We contribute with our individuality

Many of us graduated from careers other than technology, and so we bring diversity of knowledge and experiences.

7. We help those in need

We are happy to share our knowledge. In the same way, we have learned to ask for help when we need it.

8. We are self-learners

We love learning and are constantly reinforcing what we know with new courses and certifications. We know that in a world that changes rapidly, you need to stay up-to-date.

9. We know how to listen

In our culture, we rely heavily on feedback. We know that giving and receiving honest and respectful opinions will improve confidence and communication within the team.

10. We love challenges

We believe that any skill can be developed with effort and dedication. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. For us, there are no limits.

So in a way, they may be right… We may be junior but not just any junior, we are super juniors!

*Translated by: RunaHR Team - Service Day 2020

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